Software Engineering
Software Engineering
August 20, 2018

Software Engineering

Course Overview

This course covers the fundamentals of software engineering with a focus on software lifecycle and developing quality software as a team. Topics covered include requirements, specification, design, quality assurance, and testing, process, as well as tools and environments. The course will include a programming project in which teams of 2-4 students take a high-level concept provided by the instructor from requirements through implementation.

Software Engineering looks at creating software to solve problems in the real world. A Software Engineer creates software to help solve situations after analyzing and identifying problems. In relation to the course, one will learn to develop tools, techniques and programming language relevant to the field of work. 

Course Content 
As a beginner, a solid foundation is generally laid on computing and Software Engineering, with studies in application modeling and programming to help you build expertise on Software Engineering. 
One will also develop academic and professional skills while implementing applications. You will gain experience of Java, Python, and C++ as well as learning about managing software, development projects, designing and developing rational databases. After completing the course you will demonstrate your expertise by undertaking a substantial end of course project. 

  • Application modeling
  •  Introduction to Software Development
  • Fundamentals of Computing and Mathematics 
  • Skills for Computing Professionals
  • Engineering Software Applications 
  • Web & Mobile Application Development 
  • Object-Oriented Application Engineering 
  • Concurrent Network Applications 
  • Task-based Software Engineering 
  • Engineering and Integrating Robust, Large-Scale Systems 
  • Engineering Enterprise Applications 
  • Software Engineering for Mobile Devices 
  • End of course  Project  

Learn how to make dynamic web applications using PHP in an all-inclusive training course that includes complete PHP and MySQL fundamentals,  Python and Java programming

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